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Report for Mutation F129L

Developed by Shray Alag, 2020.
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Clinical Trials

1 Effect of Genetic Variation in the Transporter, OAT3, on the Renal Secretion of Cefotaxime

In the proposed study, we plan to use a genotype to phenotype strategy to study the role of the organic anion transporter, OAT3, in drug response. More specifically we will examine the contribution of OAT3 to the renal clearance of anionic drugs such as cefotaxime by studying individuals with a non-functional (or poorly-functional) variant of OAT3.

NCT00187655 Focus Groups Drug: Cefotaxime

Four variants were identified that resulted in a complete loss of function: F129L (in one Hispanic subject), R149S (in an Caucasian and an African American subject), Q239stop (in the same African American subject), and R277W (in an Asian subject). --- F129L ---

Primary Outcomes

Description: Participants were stratified by their OCT3 genotype, heterozygous vs homozygous. The renal clearance of cefotaxime was measured by urine content of cefotaxime metabolites in participants after the single IV push administration of 2 grams of cefotaxime.

Measure: Effect of OAT3 on Renal Secretion of Cefotaxime IV Based on Genotype

Time: post dose up to 24 hours

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