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Report for Clinical Trial NCT00435513

Developed by Shray Alag, 2020.
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Association Study of a SRD5A2 SNP and Transsexualism.

Genetic variations, i.e. polymorphisms, may be associated with gender dysphoria, e.g. transsexualism. This study aims to identify such variations.

NCT00435513 Transsexualism

Time Perspective: Retrospective

Case Control

There is one SNP


1 V89L

Objective: To assess the association between transsexualism and allele and genotype frequencies of the steroid 5-alpha reductase (SRD5A2) Val89Leu polymorphism. --- Val89Leu ---

Results: SRD5A2 Val89Leu allele frequencies (SRD5A2 V: 137/200 [69%] and SRD5A2 L: 63/200 [31%] vs. SRD5A2 V: 1065/1510 [71%] and SRD5A2 L: 445/1510 [29%], respectively; p=0.6; --- Val89Leu ---

SRD5A2 Val89Leu allele frequencies (SRD5A2 V: 70/94 [74%] and SRD5A2 L: 24/94 [26%] vs. SRD5A2 V: 1253/1830 [69%] and SRD5A2 L: 573/1830 [31%], respectively; p=0.3; --- Val89Leu ---

Conclusions: The SRD5A2 Val89Leu polymorphism is not associated with transsexualism and is no candidate gene of this condition. --- Val89Leu ---

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