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Report for Clinical Trial NCT01524757

Developed by Shray Alag, 2020.
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Proton Pump Inhibitors in the Prevention of Iron Reaccumulation in Patient With Hereditary Hemochromatosis

Hereditary Hemochromatosis (HH) is a genetic disorder of iron metabolism, resulting in excessive iron overload causing damage of different important organs like heart, liver, pancreas and joints. Complications and symptoms can regress by intensive treatment reducing the iron overload stores.Different genes have been identified playing a role in the pathophysiology of iron overload. A clinically important HFE gene mutation is the C282Y, located on chromosome 6. Phlebotomy is currently the standard therapy which consists of removal of 500 ml whole blood weekly, representing a loss of 250 mg iron. In naive patients between 20 to 100 phlebotomies are required to reduce the serum ferritine levels to 50 μg/L. Thereafter, a lifelong maintenance therapy of 3 to 6 phlebotomies yearly is needed. For absorption, dietary iron ( 70%) is reduced by gastric acid form the ferric (Fe3+) to the ferrous form (Fe2+). Recently, in an observational open study, Hutchinson et al. found that HH patients treated with proton pump inhibitors (PPI) needed fewer phlebotomies, resulting in a drop of 2.5 (SEM 0.25) to 0.5 (SEM 0.25) liter per year. Research question: The primary objective is to determine the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of PPI's compared to standard phlebotomy therapy in the prevention of iron overload in HH patients. Multi-center trial in two hospitals in the South of Limburg (Atrium medical Center, Maastricht university medical center ) and hospital in Belgium (University Hospital Gasthuisberg). The study will be conducted in randomised double blind manner. The follow up will be one year. Patients are randomized either for the group receiving a PPI or a placebo. Every 2 month the ferritin level is measured and decided if the patient need a phlebotomy (Ferritin >100 µg/L).

NCT01524757 Hemochromatosis

1 Interventions

Name: Pantoprazole

Description: pantoprazole 40mg 1dd1; 12 months
Type: Drug
Group Labels: 2

pantoprazol placebo

Primary Outcomes

Measure: the total number of phlebotomies for the group taking PPI treatment compared to the group taking placebo will be the primary endpoint of the study.

Time: 12 months

Secondary Outcomes

Measure: number of participants with side effects

Time: 12 months

Purpose: Treatment

Allocation: Randomized

Parallel Assignment

There is one SNP


1 C282Y

A clinically important HFE gene mutation is the C282Y, located on chromosome 6. --- C282Y ---

Inclusion Criteria: - Patients with hereditary hemochromatosis (HH), homozygous for C282Y, currently treated with phlebotomy as maintenance therapy for at least 12 months with ≥ 3 phlebotomies per year. --- C282Y ---

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