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Report for Clinical Trial NCT01528774

Developed by Shray Alag, 2020.
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Culture and Characterization of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTC) From Patients With Malignant Melanoma and Other Cancers

The purpose of this study is to determine if circulating tumor cells (CTC) can be accurately detected and isolated from the blood of participants with melanoma using novel laboratory techniques. Blood samples will be collected from participants with melanoma, and also from participants with other solid tumor cancers and healthy volunteers for purposes of comparison. Relevant information will be collected from participant's medical record and stored in a coded manner in a password-protected format. This information will be used to look for correlations of research results on blood samples to participant's medical condition. Test results will not be given to participants or their physicians. In some cases, CTC may be grown for long-term cell lines for further research.

NCT01528774 Melanoma
MeSH:Melanoma Neoplastic Cells, Circulating
HPO:Cutaneous melanoma Melanoma

1 Interventions

Name: Blood Draw

Description: Approximately 40 cc of blood will be drawn from participants at a time when they are having blood drawn for routine or treatment-related purposes. Sequential samples may be obtained in the same manner from selected patients to allow exploration of potential correlation of CTC with response to treatment, progression-free survival and overall survival.
Type: Other
Group Labels: 5

Benign Hematologic Conditions Healthy Volunteers Melanoma Prostate Solid tumors - other

Primary Outcomes

Measure: Circulating tumor cell (CTC) isolation and colony counts

Time: 2 years

Secondary Outcomes

Measure: Immunophenotyping, somatic (tumor-specific) DNA mutation analysis

Time: 2 years

Time Perspective: Prospective


There is one SNP


1 V600E

- Isolate plasma RNA and DNA to assess expression tumor-specific markers (e.g., tyrosinase, B-FRAF, V600E, etc.) and metastasis-associated genes (e.g., MSH-1, thymidylate synthase, etc.). --- V600E ---

B-RAF V600E in melanoma patients) mitotic rate of tumor, date of tumor diagnosis, treatment history, date of regional and metastatic progression and date of death (if applicable). --- V600E ---

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