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Report for Clinical Trial NCT03721289

Developed by Shray Alag, 2020.
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Evaluation in Real World of Molecular Testing and Treatment Patterns for EGFR Mutations in Patients With Advanced or Metastatic NSCLC at Front-line and Progression

Evaluate molecular testing and treatment patterns for EGFR mutation in two different cohorts of stage IV NSCLC, at diagnosis (treatment naïve) and at the moment of progression to EGFR-TKIs. This study is non-indication seeking (NIS), descriptive in nature and does not attempt to test any specific a priori hypotheses.

NCT03721289 Carcinoma, Non-Small-Cell Lung
MeSH:Carcinoma, Non-Small-Cell Lung
HPO:Non-small cell lung carcinoma

Primary Outcomes

Description: Test used to determine EGFRm, registered in clinical charts

Measure: Evaluation of the EGFR mutation

Time: Clinical charts from January 2013-december 2017

Time Perspective: Retrospective


There is one SNP


1 T790M

Study Measures - Patient demographic and clinical characteristics - Molecular testing rates at Stage IV and at progression to EGFR TKI - Molecular testing EGFR mutation results (common/uncommon mutations at advanced diagnosis, and T790M at progression) - Treatment patterns at frontline and progression to EGFR TKIs - Biopsy-related complications - Percentage of patinets presenting with CNS metastasis at diagnosis of stage IV and at progression to EGFR TKIsCNS Sample: All patients diagnosed with Stage IV NSCLC at diagnosis and at progression to an EGFR-TKI; from January 1st , 2017 to December 31st, 2017 in selected centers of Uruguay, Argentina, Chile, Colombia Statistical Analysis No formal hypothesis testing is specified. --- T790M ---

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