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Report for Clinical Trial NCT04006249

Developed by Shray Alag, 2020.
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Haemochromatosis and Periodontitis

Periodontitis is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects tissues surrounding the teeth. It is strongly associated with the major pathogenic "red complex", including Porphyromonas gingivalis, Tannerella forsythia and Treponema denticola1 and thus is considered an infection. Recent advances in the pathogenesis of periodontal disease have suggested that polymicrobial synergy and microbiota dysbiosis together with a dysregulated immune response can induce inflammation-mediated damage in periodontal tissues2-4. Interestingly, currently periodontitis is associated with a growing number of systemic diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, adverse pregnancy outcomes, diabetes5-7 and hereditary haemochromatosis8.

NCT04006249 to Evaluate the Prevalence of Periodontal Diseases in Patients With Hemochromatosis at the Time of Diagnosis and / or Their Usual Therapeutic
MeSH:Periodontitis Periodontal Diseases Hemochromatosis

1 Interventions

Name: dental probes

Description: Measurement of the depth of the periodontal pockets and clinical loss
Type: Diagnostic Test
Group Labels: 1

diagnostic test

Primary Outcomes

Description: To evaluate the prevalence of periodontal diseases in patients with hemochromatosis at the time of diagnosis and / or their usual therapeutic

Measure: prevalence of periodontal diseases

Time: 2 years

Purpose: Diagnostic

Allocation: N/A

Single Group Assignment

There is one SNP


1 C282Y

Inclusion Criteria: - Patients aged 35 to 64 years with homozygosity hemochromatosis C282Y - Patients regularly enrolled in a health insurance plan - Patients with at least 10 natural teeth - Patients who have given informed written, dated and signed consent Exclusion Criteria: - Diabetic patients - Simultaneous participation in another study - Pregnant or lactating women - The incapacitated persons and persons deprived of their liberty - Patients who do not speak French, both written and spoken - Patients previously included in this trial - Patients with heart valves or endovascular equipment (risk of infective endocarditis ...) - Patients with a history of maxillofacial surgery - Patients whose oral status is considered incompatible with entry into the study, at the discretion of the investigator - Patients on drugs that can cause gingival hypertrophy, such as Hydantoins (phenytoin), Dihydropyridines, Diltiazem or Ciclosporin - Patients on medication that can cause gingival bleeding (anticoagulants, antiplatelet agents and aspirin). --- C282Y ---

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