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Report for Clinical Trial NCT02484365

Developed by Shray Alag, 2020.
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The Accuracy of the Noninvasive Hemoglobin Monitoring for Preoperative Evaluation for Pediatric Patients

The preoperative evaluation including sampling blood in pediatric patients is hard to perform. However, the knowledge of the baseline cell blood count is important to prepare unexpected surgical bleeding etc.. The invasive procedure for blood sampling in small children is often failed and sometimes induces iatrogenic blood loss and parent's complaints. The Pulse Co-oximetry (Masimo) is recently developed device which can provide noninvasive hemoglobin value. However, the accuracy is controversial. There are studies in pediatric patients during surgery and in ICU. However, the comparison for preoperative evaluation is not analysed. Therefore, the investigators want to evaluate the accuracy for preoperative preparation in pediatric patients.

NCT02484365 Surgery

1 Interventions

Name: No treatment

Description: Attach adhesive probe on thumb or index finger
Type: Other
Group Labels: 1

single arm study

Primary Outcomes

Description: no F/U is needed

Measure: hemoglobin

Time: once, preoperative visit anesthetic office

Time Perspective: Prospective


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